The Apollo Project Tickets - Play Laser Tag at a Vacant High School Burlington, IA

The Apollo Project Tickets - Play Laser Tag at a Vacant High School Burlington, IA

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Step into your favorite video game or movie and play immersive scenarios using state of the art laser tag equipment and team work to accomplish missions! Battle your opponents to gather clues, disarm “bombs”, rescue hostages, and partake in this sci-fi themed adventure!

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The Apollo School is a former high school in Burlington, IA with over 200,000 SF of building space, three floors, dozens of rooms, and roof access. It looks like it could be the set of any post-apocalyptic movie, and it is an amazing venue for this event.

“The Apollo Project” will include a little over 5 hours of laser tag gameplay (10AM-4PM with small breaks) with up to 40 players at one time. The event will be split into several timed scenarios in which players will be assigned missions to complete. The two factions of 20 players each will duke it out and work to achieve victory for their team! Our live-scoring laser tag software will keep track of your K/D (kill/death) ratio, tagger accuracy, and many other statistics as they are updated live over the course of the match. Work with your team to control hardpoints, defuse charges, and clear radioactive hazards (our high tech electronic props make all of this possible).

You do not need any special equipment to partake in this event, just purchase a ticket and our laser tag rental equipment will be ready for you on site at the event! Please wear footwear that is appropriate for an event like this (boots or sturdy athletic shoes are highly encouraged).

Uniforms: If you purchase an AstroTech ticket, please wear BLACK apparel or a black sci-fi themed costume. At the very minimum, a black t-shirt and jeans will suffice. This requirement is in place to help teams identify one another.

If you purchase a CyberTitan ticket, please wear green apparel (i.e. green camouflage or a solid green uniform). At the very minimum, a dark green shirt and jeans is acceptable. IF YOU NEED A DARK GREEN T-SHIRT, WE WILL BE SELLING OD (OLIVE DRAB) GREEN SHIRTS FOR $5 AT THE DOOR. Please email or message us to ensure that we have your size set aside.

ATTENTION: If you decide that you would like to go above and beyond a wear/make a costume for this event (something along the lines of Star Wars armor, a HALO Spartan suit, any form of power armor made from foam, etc.), please message/email us with what you are making/wearing and we will be able to give you an in-game “boost” for your extra effort. This may include additional health/life points or increased damage to your blaster. This is an incentive to help make this event even more immersive.

Scenario: To fit the sci-fi theme, this event is set in a fictional future timeline on a distant planet called Windfall. Windfall was previously a small trading planet with little value to anyone. Recently, reports indicate the discovery of a valuable energy source hidden deep within the planet. Two mega-corporations, AstroTech and CyberTitan, have sent mercenary units to investigate these reports. An unidentified source has led both mega-corp forces to a former school on Windfall. AstroTech and CyberTitan forces have been ordered to fight for anything of value within the school and determine if the reports regarding the energy source are true. Which side will come out of the school victorious? Choose your side and work with your team to defeat the other faction!